Willie Odom Sr.

Willie Odom Sr.  aka: Mr.O

Singer, Songwriter, Musician , is known to many as “ Mr. Odom”, owner and operator of Cedarwood Gospel Recording Studio of Houston.  He has help to produce several Albums for some of Houston’s up and coming artist. From Contemporary Gospel to Gospel Jazz, and let’s not forget about Traditional.

Odom says he was plucking the violin as a guitar before he even new what a guitar was, at the age of 6, not yet having developed an ear for music, Odom states that he began taking music lessons and learning to read sheet music very early. Little did he know that God would intervene at the prefect time to stir up a gift that was inside of him and later finding his own style. Talk about ordered steps! During high school, he learned to play the alto and baritone saxophone.

He played the guitar in church, and later moved on to playing the piano and the organ, which are now his primary instruments. When asked, “who are some of his greatest influences in music”, he doesn’t hesitate to express his love for Alicia Keys, Grammy Award winning, R&B artist and musician/singer Sade, jazz recording artist George Benson, Hank Crawford, Jimmie McDuff, and the late Conrad

Johnson of Houston Texas, Third World Reggae Band. Some may say that Willie Odom is ole’ school but let him tell it, he is anything but old!. His church home Bible Church OF Holiness in Houston where he’s been a 20yr plus musician. Raised in the USA Mr. Odom has a heart love for London England and yes he’s been there.

Now on the label: Gospel Frontiers Records London England UK. Willie Odom’s new CD, released from London Title: Please Don’t Quit, an eight song CD ranging from Traditional, Gospel R&B, Latin to Jazz instrumentals…, the songs on this CD are uplifting and encouraging.

Written by Erica B. Clarke

I have been ask why London, for many years I felt I should be somewhere else. I found that place.. (London). not knowing if I would get there. (never say never) I was bless to get there ..My heart and soul love London,,, ? Will I return, if it’s God will…could I live there? !YES!..!Yes!… I name London my home away from home

W.Odom Sr. aka Mr.”O”

willieodom2 @aim.com

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