Richard A. McKenzie

Richard A. McKenzie is the Founder of R A. McKenzie. Ministries, Bishop of the Kingdom Life Worship Centre Ministries (Mandeville, Manchester) and the author of six (6) books namely:

1  A Miraculous Recovery

2 A True Heart-Breaking Story about Hell

3 200 Important Things to Think About

4 Embrace Your Suffering

5 A Touch of Blindness -Healed By God

Recently Published 6 The One In A Million Mom-

From My Heart to Yours

His writings provide real life revelations of the transforming power of God in a life that is yielded to Him.

He is also an anointed Worship leader and Gospel Recording Artiste. He has produced an Album entitled:

“New Face Shining For His Glory” (Recently Produced)

The album is doing well overall but the song “Let the Church Say Amen” a redo on this album has received over 1.5million views on YouTube in less than four (4) weeks. You can view his YouTube channel under his name-

RA McKenzie and  visit iTunes and CD Baby for the purchase of this album.

R A. McKenzie’s life story is an interesting one. He was raised in State Care as an orphan; and has survived the hardships and sufferings that come with this background. He was placed in foster care in his late teen years and later became a Christian. After moving on from his foster parents’ home, it was the love of God poured out to him through the loving care and kindness extended to him from his adopted mom; that led him to write “The 1 in a Million Mom; from my Heart to Yours.”

He is a gifted communicator with over ten (10) years of experience imparting biblical principles for transformation and personal growth to the body of Christ; consistently being a voice of what God is doing and saying today as he flows effortlessly and continually in the prophetic, accurately discerning past, present and future events and happening for an individual and the Church at large. He is passionate, practical and always inspiring in his presentations; touching the lives of believers and amazingly impacting the unchurched.

Bishop McKenzie resides in Manchester, Jamaica and is a true servant of God. He serves always in love with humility, honesty, integrity and holiness and as a result has led thousands to Christ for salvation, restoration, deliverance, healing and spiritual growth. His ministry is thriving and has taken him throughout Jamaica, many Caribbean territories, Europe, United State of America, UK, Canada, North and South America.

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