Valentina was a baby when she victoriously escaped  communism in Romania in the 1980’s with her parents on a small boat on  the River Danube. The soldiers were armed and they had dogs with them.  They used German Shepherds with very strong bodies that were trained to  kill. Only God’s supernatural intervention made it possible for  Valentina’s miraculous escape from communism in Romania, during the  Ceaușescu regime, which is a long story.
“It was a smooth boat ride. We made it in about 15 minutes” she said.

Although  Valentina was born in Timișoara, one of the largest cities in Romania,  and speaks fluently Romanian, she also has both a Russian and Serbian  background. Her favorite subjects in High School were commerce,  languages, and of course, music where she won academic excellence awards  for all three subjects including the Italian language.

Valentina was a top student at Ambassador Bible  College. Her College studies are wide and varied, and include Music  Business, Marketing, Computing and Make-up artistry.

A former Latin and Ballroom Dancer, she won highly commended for her dance routines.
Today,  her passion is to produce powerful gospel/dance music. She loves to  design and maintain her very own ministry websites, and fulfill her  calling, which is to preach the gospel throughout the world, inspiring  and encouraging many to believe in God, and giving them hope.

Valentina came from a deeply religious background.  As a child, she grew up listening to gospel music, and recorded vocals  to carols on tape, at the age of five. Her favorite carol was “Silent  Night.” As a teenager, she sang in the church choir and to both the  pastor’s and church member’s amazement, she quickly learned to play a  vast range of songs on the flute in a short period of time, including  her favorite hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers,” which she played at  various Baptist churches.

Nowadays,  her favorite instrument is the keyboard, and with God’s help, Valentina  produces her own fresh, unique, original gospel music. She does the  programming, composition, arrangement, lyrics and vocals for  professional, high quality and inspirational  Gospel/Christian/Dance/Electronic music.

Valentina  has arranged and composed over 102 gospel music tunes and written over  110 gospel music lyrics. Her gospel lyrics include many biblical themes  ranging from Jesus Christ our Lord who is the light of the world,  Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and return as King of  kings and Lord of lords to set up His Kingdom here on earth –  which is  the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, worshipping and praising the Lord and  His supreme power, thanksgiving, God’s precious love for His children  and our love for Him, and obedience to God. While other songs include  lyrics about God’s supernatural protection, healing, miracles, divinity,  eternal life, faith and wisdom.

Valentina is passionate about writing gospel songs  with lyrics that are both inspirational and motivational. The  inspiration behind the happy, uplifting and upbeat song ‘Light of the  world’ came after she saw a bright light in the sky at nighttime, which  shone as a glowing metal, and it shone so brightly that it lit up the  whole room.

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