Wilburne was born and raised Saint Lucian, from the city of Castries.

This  young man, who was born on November 7 1988, is an emerging gospel  artiste in his country. He has a robust passion for gospel music because  he feels a sense of completion when he uses his talent to serve  Almighty God.

Most  of Wilburne’s songs are in the R&B and Reggae genres.  In late  2009, Wilburne started his journey as a solo artiste when he recorded  his very first single, “Wannah Know” at the GSH Studio under the  direction of producer, Hugh “Ziggy” James.

Since  then, he has continued keeping the dream alive by recording more songs  at various studios island-wide. Wilburne’s main goal as a gospel artiste  is to give praises to the Most High, and to make it an enjoyable  experience for his listeners whilst communicating the messages through  his music. Growing in popularity day by day, this youngster continues to use his talent, perseverance and faith in God to capture the hearts of many.

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