Dwayne Griffiths

BIO: Dwayne Griffiths


Born   with  musical  genetics…  each  individual  had  a  talent;  Dwayne  Mareico  Griffith’s  two  (2) brothers were musicians and his five (5) sisters were singers, his  dad was a singing evangelist and his mom a preacher. Raised in a Christian household, the large family  had their financial struggles. Those struggles motivated him to work  extremely hard and literally he did so as early as seven (7) years of age, when he started playing the drums at church.

By the age of eight (8) Dwayne was  making an earning from his talent ‘playing drums’, this sometimes helped to send him and his siblings to school.  Though he enjoyed playing the drums it was singing where his passion  lied.  The sisters sang and the brothers played music, so Dwayne mastered his  percussion and learnt to play   other  instruments  (guitar,  bass  and  keyboard)  in  the progress.  Soon after, he slowly started assisting with background vocals in groups. Then boldly, he started singing with his sisters.

Dwayne grew to love singing more, and went on to entering the popular JCDC  Gospel Festival for his high school twice, where he failed  to  place.  Though,  later  while  attending  the  G.C.  Foster College,  he  entered  the  same  competition  for  his  school  and medaled each year from 2003 unto 2006.

Now groomed into a song writer, Dwayne wrote his first song in the  year  2006,  titled  ‘Change’  after  watching  the  news  about children being abused  and killed.

Upon completing College,  Mr. Griffiths began writing full time and by 2008, he recorded the song ‘Change’ and began work for his album, ‘Dmagri’s Anthology; Nah Give Up’. The  now completed album was launched and released in  April 2012 in the  United States and successfully released a few singles including ‘Nah Give Up’,

‘Bless’, ‘Change’ and ‘To my Rescue’, the album to date is receiving heavy rotations on the air waves both locally and internationally. Dmagri’s Anthology is a testimony of his relationship and growth in Christ. ‘Dmagri’s’ meaning short for Dwayne Marieco Griffiths.

Dmagri enjoys  singing because it provides a safe haven for him; it relaxes his mind  and allows him to be himself. He looks forward to being onstage around  the world ministering, with hopes that at least one person will feel  changed and he will consider his job accomplished. This dynamic,  talented artiste is a conservative, jovial, shy and reserved individual  who wants to be known as the “Gospel

‘Bob  Marley’”…  bringing  a  new  change  in  gospel  music,  which  he  believes  he  can  accomplish because he has musical genes.

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