Sasha Venice Peart

Sasha Venice Peart (Shekinah Blessed) born May 23, in Clark’s Town, Trelawny. From a child  growing up, music has always been her first love, she’s always the  leading vocalist in the Church choir. when she was about 15 years of  age, she realized her gift for writing songs was discovered by writing  her first song ‘Tomorrow’ . She auditioned for the ?digicel Rising Star?  in 2007 she made it through to the top ten ‘Ocho Rios’ finalist.

Although Shekinah Blessed was not selected for the live shows but her  powerful voice was made known to her audience. Shekinah Blessed  relocated to Britan in 2002 to start a new life, where she’s now a  residing citizen. Shekinah Blessed still continue writing songs and  never give up despite the obstacles life has to offer. Despite living a  secular life style Shekinah Blessed as always known that she has the  calling of God upon her life.

In 2005 Shekinah Blessed ministered at  Grace International Miracle Ministry, at there yearly thanksgiving  service hosted by Bishop Carlton Morgan. She shared the platform with  Oliver Ashley, Tony Richie and Osmond Collins. In 2011 Shekinah Blessed  ministered at the Built On The Rock Ministry at there yearly  Convocation, Shekinah Blessed shared the platform with the Krabb  Sisters, Richardo Williams, Clive Brown…………, Shekinah is an  anointed articulate singer and song writer in this age and time.

As a  chosen psalmist by the Almighty God, Shekinah Blessed’s aim and  determination is to restore the breach in praise and worship, with the  anointing of David upon her life, not only as a singer but a prophetic  psalmist, to heal the sick, break the yoke and destroy the burdens, and  set them that are in spiritaul captivity free, through the precious  blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is just the  beginning…

Shekinah Blessed is now ready to move to the next level  with the gospel and would love you to be a part it. To minister  the undiluted word of God uncompromisingly with power through the  language of the Gospel Music in a most Professional way to the  furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

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