Servant of the Lord

Servant of the Lord; J.A. Smith is very passionate about his ministry; he is determine to share it with the rest of the world. His inspiration is to see the transformation of lives through music.

A  longstanding,  hardworking  and  dedicated  musician,  vocalist  and performer  who  started  his  musical  journey  at  a  young  age  while singing on the choir of  the Milk River Church of God, Ground of Truth. He is an experienced  instrumentalist who plays the saxophone, guitar, keyboard and ‘plays  around’ with the drum. At one point during his musical journey he  received negative comments  about his vocals and  that  kept  him  from  singing  for  four  years,  he  only  continued playing the instruments during that time. He played instruments for  former gospel recording artiste Lorraine Williams, who was famous for her hit song ‘I am persuaded’. During this period she needed back-up  vocal  arrangements  to  be  done  and  J.A.  Smith  was  granted  this

opportunity when she heard him sing. This reassured him that his purpose will never die and his professional singing career began.

J.A. Smith had previously released a gospel album titled ‘All I need is You’ in the early 2000, he re- released the album in 2010; he received heavy air plays for the title track ‘All I need is You’ and ‘My Prayer’ from the album. He went on to work with music producer Ariff Butler of Bloozick Records, recording numerous songs and has received heavy rotation for the singles ‘Reasons’, ‘Victory’ and

‘Touch My Life’, he has also released the music video for ‘Touch My life’ which has been in rotation on MTMTV, LOVE TV, CVMTV & TVJ.  He has performed at notable shows such as; ‘Choirs in Praise’, ‘Genesis Celebrate Jamaica Day’, ‘Revive us again’ and ‘Victory Praise’ to name a few.

Writer, Rasbert Turner dubbed J.A. Smith ‘A Man on a Mission’ in his article in the Jamaica Star Newspaper Indeed, a ‘Man on a Mission’, presently J.A. Smith is set to release new singles and a promo album. This Gospel Icon on the rise is on a musical journey with his aim to share his ministry with the world and he is ready to take you on this journey. J.A. Smith is indeed a ‘Man on a Mission’

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