Get up Mornings: Interview with Giftidd

Hammond “GIFTIDD” Mitchell is a dynamic Trinidad-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who uses his musical gifts to effect positive change in his community.

His smooth voice, conscious lyrics and infectious on-stage presence take audiences through an emotional musical journey that leaves them wanting more. From performing covers of popular international hits to singing soulful renditions of his own compositions, Giftidd’s versatility shines through any genre of music. 

He has been singing since the age of five and is formally trained in music, having studied Performing Arts at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT). He is one of the few vocalists that can play the steelpan, drums and keyboards, read musical scores, arrange music and compose his own songs.

In fact, he recently released his own composition titled ‘Heavenly’ and hopes to expand his catalogue in the near future. His ultimate goal is that everyone who listens to his music feels like they have been gifted. 

For Bookings: 868-386-9112 | giftiddmusicbookings

Check out some Giftidd videos

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