Bj’orn Pierre


Trinidadian born, Bj’orn Pierre began his career in music with a Casio synthesizer and a wild imagination. Against this humble backdrop, he nurtured his God-given talent by writing songs and creating melodies. This childhood hobby has now blossomed into a lifestyle of ministering the love of God to others, through music.  He has been writing songs for the past 15 years.  

After releasing his debut single “Angels Sing” in 2014, Bj’orn then went on to release several other singles such as “Better” (2015), “Vessel” (2018), “Profit” (2019), “No Bed of Roses” (2019), and “No Grudge” (2019).  More than just gospel songs, his songs are sermons in music.  He maintains that his aim is not to be a gospel star, but rather to do the will of his heavenly Father, before his life on earth comes to an end.

Besides singing, Bj’orn works behind the scenes producing and writing for many young upcoming artists. He believes that persons with the gift of music should be given a chance to utilize their talent to bless others. Forevery song he either writes or produces, he gives all the credit to God for using him as His instrument.

Artist: Bj’orn PierreSong

Title: No Grudge

Label: Ten Strings Music Group

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