New EDM, POP, World artist R.F.W. is bringing a new flavor to the music industry; creating feverish dance music with powerful encouraging lyrics. R.F.W. released his first single, God’s Glory, in February 2016 and his second release, Holy, in April 2016; and they were met with rave reviews from fans. Reuben Eudovique, chose the name R.F.W. an acronym for Reuben Famed Warrior and Redeemed Faithful Worshipper which is the meaning of his name and describes his heart and mission for this new project. Being well acquainted with the music industry and church, R.F.W. knows the power of combining good music with encouraging lyrics.

The sixth child out of ten children, raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands then Miami, Fla, R.F.W. grew up surrounded by music. He was heavily influenced by his singer mother and playing music for his preacher father. As a result R.F.W. has embedded into him the acute understanding of the relationship between music and the spiritual. He started playing at his father’s church at the age of 9 years old; first drums, then rhythm guitar/bass guitar. He continued to play in the church for 15 years as the musical director, after which he decided to leave the church to find his own success. In his early twenties, R.F.W. formed his own Reggae band called Crucial Substance. They performed all around South Florida, and finally got their big break, embarking on a nation wide tour, with the famous Mighty Diamonds out of Jamaica, W.I.

In 1994, R.F.W. experienced a radical transformation and gave his heart to the Lord. He then took his musical talent and devoted it to Christ. He began touring and recording with Reggae Gospel artist Deryck Douglas. He went on to co-produce Deryck Douglas’ big hit When the Devil Says No, Jesus says Yes. His keen ear for music allowed him to become the minister of music at Ware Drive COG 7th Day, overseeing, teaching, and developing the musicians, choir and praise & worship team. Since then he has trained several other church’s musical departments to make good music and usher in a worship experience.

R.F.W. started a ministry called Beyond the Veil Ministry (BVM) to help refresh and motivate ministers and teach principles of Praise and of Worship. He executed two successful conferences for the ministry; one in Miami, FL and the other in Atlanta, GA. In 2013 he started to grow in the area of songwriting, hearing lyrics but still not sure what to do with his new gift. Finally he resolved to be a solo recording artist in 2016; the best way to culminate years of experience in the music industry. R.F.W. is expected to release three new singles in the next couple of months; and they promise to be evolutionary!

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