Breaking the Ice Live

Martin Isaacs’s a.k.a Tin  I Cool is young gospel artist on the rise and creating an impact in the  gospel industry in recent times. One would say how he got the name Tin I  Cool as a gospel artist and what does this means. Tin I Cool first name  is Martin and surname Isaacs, where they take Tin from the first name  and I from his surname and natural a Cool man of God. Tin I Cool has  been a Christian for 14 years and a member of the Chambers of God  International ministering the word in music for 12 years now. Tin I Cool  has been on albums such as Mainframe Riddim compilation and Spirit  Scription done by Dale “Dizzle” Virgo. Other featured albums are Gospel  Share and Sing fi Jesus compilation done by A.P.S production.

Tin I Cool has enjoyed  heavy rotation on major radio station that endorses gospel music with  the songs Ghetto Christian and Never Lose faith. Tin I Cool has another  hit called God Bless and Jesus Christ Me Say which Tin I Cool has done a  Video to expose is mastery deliver of the word of God. Tin I Cool has  ministered on many major gospel shows such has Genesis, Christ Birth,  Operation consecration, Fun In the Sun (Crossover Show).etc just to name  a few. Presently Tin I Cool is promoting is two brand new singles  “Bless the Lord” and “Jehovah Jireh” produced by his own label Chillin  Records. Watch out for Tin I Cool for 2016-2017 has he storm onto the music seen.


Email: tinicoolmusic

Tel: 1876 878 9882

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