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Annica Gumbs commonly known as Rasnika is a very kind hearted, always happy individual. 

She is from the village of Newton Ground and may be known from working at pizzaboys or Delta gas station. 

She is the daughter of Veronica Gumbs and Anthony “Sonnyman ” Woods also of Newton Ground.

After giving birth via a C-section, to a beautiful baby girl she was left in critical condition and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. 

After about 5 days there she had to be flown out by the air ambulance to the Cayman Islands For special medical attention .

Since being there shes been getting Intense Medical attention which is already expensive.

 Family and friends of Annica are kindly asking for monetary donations for Annica to receive a surgery which will help with her treatment .

Please your kindness will help Annica reach back home in good medical condition to her new born baby girl and her loved ones .

Anyone who is willing to contribute can do so by sending the funds to the account 33387 Anthony Woods, National Bank. 

Thanks in advance   




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