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Our inspirations came from many different artists such as Israel and New Breed, 

John P Kee ,  Shirley  Ceaser, 

The Mutual Gospel Singers and many others who have helped us present gospel music with a versatile style. 

 Our mission is to continue to spread the word of God through music in order to make an impact on people's lives.

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She has a sincere love for God, and love for people, and using her love for music to touch listeners from all walks of life”

New York City, New York -

Gospel reggae singer Josian Maybury of Josian Ministries is excited to share her brand new music video “Victory” via YouTube. Born and raised in Jamaica and now living in Bermuda, Josian Ministries tells stories of praise, sacrifice and eternal love for God in her uplifting new video. “I am victorious, I am a child of God” proclaims Josian over a tight beat and declamatory background shouts.

The video and the music are produced by the multi-talented producer Donald Robinson of Near Future Media, who has masterfully blended the glorious yet unrelenting message of the lyrics with a marching beat and militaristic visuals. The video opens with Josian donning full military uniform marching down a landing base to the sound of drums resembling an impending helicopter. The tension is built up until the first notes of the melody hit. The larger-than-life strings and energetic military drums immediately transform the mood and drive the message of victory to the listener.

More about Josian Maybury:

Josian Maybury had to walk through the throes of personal tragedy to find her way to this latest release. After enjoying a musical upbringing Josian all but gave up music when she became pregnant at a young age. Many years later, she found herself divorced and asking God what is her purpose in life. Simultaneously suffering from a debilitating undiagnosed illness, Josian all but lost hope until one night she saw herself sing in a dream. Waking up the next morning Josian knew God has given her purpose, and she began working on her debut album Speak To Me Lord.

Following a great reception of Josian Ministries debut album, things were looking up. Josian was hard at work recording her follow-up “Victory” at the studio with Donald Robinson, when the call came: her 7 year-old son was hit by a car and at the hospital. That night in the hospital room the lyrics and the meaning of the song came to Josian. “Victory” represents triumph over tragedy and believing that God will answer your prayers. Josian’s son was able to leave to the hospital shortly after with only minor bruises.

Gerard Gumbs:      Biography

Gerard Gumbs is the founder and Pastor of ‘God’s Storehouse’ located in Anguilla, West Indies. He has been serving the Lord for some twenty-three years now with an anointing to encourage and uplift without compromising the Word of The Lord.

In 1998 he released his first and only album entitled ‘King Jesus Is Coming Soon” His newly released single ‘I Love You Lord” helps us to release oue love unto God in worship and song.

Contact Gerard at 1 264 729  0120 or email him at

Markev?s Biography Pete Mark Everton Williams (stage name Markev) was born on July 26, 1991 at the Mandeville Public Hospital to parents Michael Williams and Paulette Mitchell. Growing up in the community of Scott?s Pass, Pete was a well behaved child. Because he went to church every Sunday morning, Pete had a close relationship with God and because of this he gave his life over to Christ and was baptize at the age of 10. Pete started to write songs when he was in grade eight, but he did not take his song writing serious until he was in grade nine. He used the name Young Apostle when just started song writing but later changed it to Markev. This name was formed from his two middle names Mark and Everton. After fasting and praying for a breakthrough for years Pete got his answer from God when he met producer Kevin Butler (Lazarus) of Lazarus Musiq in 2010 on facebook and August of 2011 Lazarus produced Pete?s first single Step Inna Church. Pete is very dedicated in his ministry and is willing to go where ever God wants him to go. He started the Northern Caribbean University and currently taking a break from school to focus more on his calling. Pete is hoping to bring the gospel to the four corners of the earth. Pete recently put a band together called the Indibuilding Band. This is his personal band. Contact Information: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Reverbnation:

He is Carlton Thomas, born in Howells Content, May Pen, Clarendon. Now resides in Canada. He has thirty eight [38] years experience in Fashion Designing and Tailoring. He started singing from the age of seven (7) in my little district. He sang at Youth Clubs since age twelve (12). Gradually, continued singing in other communities like Swansea, York Town, Gravel Hill, Race Track and in the Macho community as well. At age fifteen (15) to sixteen (16) years he started a group called ?The Jacketeers? where we did his first single entitled ?Jail I as You Like.? The lead singer was Marcel Williams with Kernel Nelson and Carlton Thomas doing harmony. The song was written by Roy Beckford who was a leader of the [Slickers] who sang ?Johnny U Too Bad.? He was the music tutor at the time. Marcel migrated to Canada then his cousin Errol Melvin otherwise called? Pork? joined the group, after which he became the leader of the group. The group`s name was then changed to the ??Improvers??. The first single was ??Out Where the Sun Shines?? This was distributed by G. G. recording. An LP was done and released in England. A single from the L P ?? Keep on Moving?? was at # 30 in the Top 100 in England. Shows were done all over Jamaica with artistes like ?Mighty Diamond, Maytone, Barbara Jones, Leon Hyatt and Ruddy Thomas.? They were tutored by ?Culture?. They also played percussion in the single ?Keep on Moving.? In the 1980?s there was a district band from Race Track called ?Solid Earth Band.? They worked with the Band and done numerous shows. However, in December 1980, the group was split up. Carlton migrated to Canada; this causing the music to pause for a year. Eventually he began singing with a band in Canada; he played and sang at night clubs along with George Nooks and Julie Spence for sometime. He also had the opportunity to do some recordings for Bunny Gemini. He talked Bunny Gemini into producing music. This he accepted and began recording for Sugar Minot and Nicodemus. A hit song entitled ?The Woman is Smarter? was done by collaborating with other artiste. However, he did not have the zeal to continue singing at the night club anymore. Therefore, he paused singing for about eight (8) years. In 1996, he became a Christian and eight (8) years later he was inspired by the Lord to write, sing and produce music such as ?Oh Why, Enemy, Too Late, Discipline and many others. He thank God for the inspiration, as he continues to inspire him to write songs to uplift the generations around the world. As a result he dedicated his life to work in the vineyard to change the lives of his brothers and sisters, to encourage those who are hurting and strengthen them in the Lord. He has anointed by the Lord and appointed his cause. He went on to say there is no greater love than the love of God. so he would encourage everyone to taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that trusts in him. Psalm 34 v 8. That is the God he serves.


   Sasha Venice Peart (Shekinah Blessed) born May 23, in Clark's Town, Trelawny. From a child growing up, music has always been her first love, she's always the leading vocalist in the Church choir. when she was about 15 years of age, she realized her gift for writing songs was discovered by writing her first song 'Tomorrow' . She auditioned for the ?digicel Rising Star? in 2007 she made it through to the top ten 'Ocho Rios' finalist. Although Shekinah Blessed was not selected for the live shows but her powerful voice was made known to her audience. Shekinah Blessed relocated to Britan in 2002 to start a new life, where she's now a residing citizen. Shekinah Blessed still continue writing songs and never give up despite the obstacles life has to offer. Despite living a secular life style Shekinah Blessed as always known that she has the calling of God upon her life. In 2005 Shekinah Blessed ministered at Grace International Miracle Ministry, at there yearly thanksgiving service hosted by Bishop Carlton Morgan. She shared the platform with Oliver Ashley, Tony Richie and Osmond Collins. In 2011 Shekinah Blessed ministered at the Built On The Rock Ministry at there yearly Convocation, Shekinah Blessed shared the platform with the Krabb Sisters, Richardo Williams, Clive Brown............, Shekinah is an anointed articulate singer and song writer in this age and time. As a chosen psalmist by the Almighty God, Shekinah Blessed's aim and determination is to restore the breach in praise and worship, with the anointing of David upon her life, not only as a singer but a prophetic psalmist, to heal the sick, break the yoke and destroy the burdens, and set them that are in spiritaul captivity free, through the precious blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is just the beginning... Shekinah Blessed is now ready to move to the next level with the gospel and would love you to be a part it. To minister the undiluted word of God uncompromisingly with power through the language of the Gospel Music in a most Professional way to the furtherance of God's Kingdom.

BIO: Dwayne Griffiths


Born with musical genetics… each individual had a talent; Dwayne Mareico Griffith’s two (2) brothers were musicians and his five (5) sisters were singers, his dad was a singing evangelist and his mom a preacher. Raised in a Christian household, the large family had their financial struggles. Those struggles motivated him to work extremely hard and literally he did so as early as seven (7)

[[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]] years of age, when he started playing the drums at church.

By the age of eight (8) Dwayne was making an earning from his talent ‘playing drums’, this sometimes helped to send him and his siblings to school. Though he enjoyed playing the drums it was singing where his passion lied. The sisters sang and the brothers played music, so Dwayne mastered his percussion and learnt to play other instruments (guitar, bass and keyboard) in the progress. Soon after, he slowly started assisting with background vocals in groups. Then boldly, he started singing with his sisters.

Dwayne grew to love singing more, and went on to entering the popular JCDC Gospel Festival for his high school twice, where he failed to place. Though, later while attending the G.C. Foster College, he entered the same competition for his school and medaled each year from 2003 unto 2006.

Now groomed into a song writer, Dwayne wrote his first song in the year 2006, titled ‘Change’ after watching the news about children being abused and killed. Upon completing College, Mr. Griffiths began writing full time and by 2008, he recorded the song

Change’ and began work for his album, ‘Dmagri’s Anthology; Nah

Give Up’. The now completed album was launched and released in  April 2012 in the United States and successfully released a few singles including ‘Nah Give Up’,

Bless’, ‘Change’ and ‘To my Rescue’, the album to date is receiving heavy rotations on the air waves both locally and internationally. Dmagri’s Anthology is a testimony of his relationship and growth

in Christ. ‘Dmagri’s’ meaning short for Dwayne Marieco Griffiths.

Dmagri enjoys singing because it provides a safe haven for him; it relaxes his mind and allows him to be himself. He looks forward to being onstage around the world ministering, with hopes that at least one person will feel changed and he will consider his job accomplished. This dynamic, talented artiste is a conservative, jovial, shy and reserved individual who wants to be known as the “Gospel

‘Bob Marley’”… bringing a new change in gospel music, which he believes he can accomplish

because he has musical genes.

Servant of the Lord; J.A. Smith is very passionate about his ministry; he is determine to share it with the rest of the world. His inspiration is to see the transformation of lives through music.

A longstanding, hardworking and dedicated musician, vocalist and performer who started his musical journey at a young age while singing on the choir of the Milk River Church of God, Ground of Truth. He is an experienced instrumentalist who plays the saxophone, guitar, keyboard and ‘plays around’ with the drum. At one point during his musical journey he received negative comments about his vocals and that kept him from singing for four years, he only continued playing the instruments during that time. He played instruments for former gospel recording artiste Lorraine Williams, who was famous for her hit song ‘I am persuaded’. During this period she needed back-up vocal arrangements to be done and J.A. Smith was granted this

opportunity when she heard him sing. This reassured him that his purpose will never die and his professional singing career began.

J.A. Smith had previously released a gospel album titled ‘All I need is You’ in the early 2000, he re- released the album in 2010; he received heavy air plays for the title track ‘All I need is You’ and ‘My Prayer’ from the album. He went on to work with music producer Ariff Butler of Bloozick Records, recording numerous songs and has received heavy rotation for the singles ‘Reasons’, ‘Victory’ and

Touch My Life’, he has also released the music video for ‘Touch My life’ which has been in rotation on MTMTV, LOVE TV, CVMTV & TVJ. He has performed at notable shows such as; ‘Choirs in Praise’, ‘Genesis Celebrate Jamaica Day’, ‘Revive us again’ and ‘Victory Praise’ to name a few.

Writer, Rasbert Turner dubbed J.A. Smith ‘A Man on a Mission’ in his article in the Jamaica Star Newspaper Indeed, a ‘Man on a Mission’, presently J.A. Smith is set to release new singles and a promo album. This Gospel Icon on the rise is on a musical journey with his aim to share his ministry with the world and he is ready to take you on this journey. J.A. Smith is indeed a ‘Man on a Mission’…


Willie Odom Sr.  aka: Mr.O

Singer, Songwriter, Musician , is known to many as “ Mr. Odom”, owner
and operator of Cedarwood Gospel Recording Studio of Houston. 
He has help to produce several Albums for some of Houston’s up and
coming artist. From Contemporary Gospel to Gospel Jazz, and let’s not
forget about Traditional.

Odom says he was plucking the violin as a guitar before he even new
what a guitar was, at the age of 6, not yet having developed an ear for
music, Odom states that he began taking music lessons and learning to
read sheet music very early. Little did he know that God would
intervene at the prefect time to stir up a gift that was inside of him
and later finding his own style. Talk about ordered steps! During high
school, he learned to play the alto and baritone saxophone. He played
the guitar in church, and later moved on to playing the piano and the
organ, which are now his primary instruments.

When asked, “who are some of his greatest influences in music”, he
doesn’t hesitate to express his love for Alicia Keys, Grammy Award
winning, R&B artist and musician/singer Sade, jazz recording artist
George Benson, Hank Crawford, Jimmie McDuff, and the late Conrad
Johnson of Houston Texas, Third World Reggae Band. Some may say that
Willie Odom is ole’ school but let him tell it, he is anything but
old!. His church home Bible Church OF Holiness in Houston where he’s
been a 20yr plus musician. Raised in the USA Mr. Odom has a heart love
for London England and yes he’s been there.

Now on the label: Gospel Frontiers Records London England UK. Willie
Odom’s new CD, released from London Title: Please Don’t Quit, an eight
song CD ranging from Traditional, Gospel R&B, Latin to Jazz
instrumentals…, the songs on this CD are uplifting and encouraging.

Written by Erica B. Clarke

I have been ask why London, for many years I felt I should be somewhere
else ,. I found that place.. (London). not knowing if I would get
there. (never say never) I was bless to get there ..My heart and soul
love London,,, ?Will I return, if it's God will... ?could I live there
!YES!..!Yes!... I name London my home away from home

( W.Odom Sr.)

aka Mr."O" 

R.A. McKenzie

Singer/Song-Writer/Worshiper/Author/Motivational Speaker/Minister of Religion

From Orphan to Minister… abandonment, rejection, and lack of affection are feelings Richard McKenzie felt growing up; he was abandoned by his mother as an infant, never knew his parents, and grew up in the Salvation Army and Hanbury Home for Children in Mandeville, Manchester. State Care was the closest thing to parenthood he experienced as a child, and as a result he felt unloved.

Insubordinate, stubborn and troublesome were characteristics of an adolescent McKenzie; a lonely rebellious child, raised without motherly affection. He carried the guilt of being an orphan and entertained hatred and resentment in his heart. He admittedly confessed to making a lot of continuous mistakes in his life “I kept making mistakes over and over, I just couldn’t get it right, over and over I made the same mistakes”.

Affection, care and kindness; as a young man he adapted to change, things changed when he was older; in his late teens he experienced ‘motherly love’ after being welcomed in the home of his foster parents as an addition to their family. This change, proved the impact a mother’s love can do for a child. Richard McKenzie turned his life around; he became a ‘God-fearing’ Christian, and a scrutinizing gentleman, he was now concerned with the path he would take on this journey of life, he was scared of becoming the wrong person!

Talents, passions and dreams, are what Mckenzie lives by as a man; he hopes to touch the world with the talents God deposited in him, thus far he has travelled extensively throughout the world, highlighting his ministry ‘R.A.M. Ministries’ in the capacity of ‘Minister of Religion’, ‘Prophet’, ‘Author’ and ‘Motivational Speaker’. His ministry focuses on his passion for young people; conducting street ministries and devotions at the orphanages, assisting the youths, in addition, to giving motivational speeches to encourage them and lead an exemplary life for them to follow. Recently added to his portfolio is ‘Gospel Recording Artiste/Anointed Worshiper’ going by the artiste/stage name R.A. Mckenzie. McKenzie has released the album ‘New Face; Shining for His Glory!’ in late 2012 and received overwhelming response from supporters of the R.A.M. Ministries worldwide; the Lead Single ‘Let The Church Say Amen’ a popular remake has attracted over 2 million views on YouTube alone since the release. He is gearing up to showcase R.A. McKenzie the artiste, disposing of the added talent that he’s blessed with. He Dreams of extending his music ministry across the globe and seeing people being blessed; touching the lives of believers and impacting the unchurched.

Success, achievements and regrets, an accomplished McKenzie expresses; regret not knowing his biological parents and regret not making the best of his childhood. On the other hand, he is proud of himself being an Orphan and gaining some success in life; - Author of 6 Books, produced 2 Gospel Albums, Travels extensively ministering and Pastoring his assembly ‘Kingdom Life Worship Centre’. He has achieved tremendously; working with youths and motivating them, leading a congregation, maintaining friendships, assisting people and being passionate about his mom, his ministry and the Lord.

R.A. McKenzie has survived the hardships and sufferings of being a state care Orphan to becoming a Beloved Minister; his life has transformed from Orphan to Minister…



R.A. McKenzie

Richard A. McKenzie is the Founder of R A. McKenzie. Ministries, Bishop of the Kingdom Life Worship Centre Ministries (Mandeville, Manchester) and the author of six (6) books namely:

1 A Miraculous Recovery

2 A True Heart-Breaking Story about Hell

3 200 Important Things to Think About

4 Embrace Your Suffering

5 A Touch of Blindness -Healed By God

Recently Published 6 The One In A Million Mom-

From My Heart to Yours

His writings provide real life revelations of the transforming power of God in a life that is yielded to Him.

He is also an anointed Worship leader and Gospel Recording Artiste. He has produced an Album entitled:

“New Face Shining For His Glory” (Recently Produced)

The album is doing well overall but the song “Let the Church Say Amen” a redo on this album has received over 1.5million views on YouTube in less than four (4) weeks. You can view his YouTube channel under his name-

RA McKenzie and visit iTunes and CD Baby for the purchase of this album.

R A. McKenzie's life story is an interesting one. He was raised in State Care as an orphan; and has survived the hardships and sufferings that come with this background. He was placed in foster care in his late teen years and later became a Christian. After moving on from his foster parents’ home, it was the love of God poured out to him through the loving care and kindness extended to him from his adopted mom; that led him to write "The 1 in a Million Mom; from my Heart to Yours."

He is a gifted communicator with over ten (10) years of experience imparting biblical principles for transformation and personal growth to the body of Christ; consistently being a voice of what God is doing and saying today as he flows effortlessly and continually in the prophetic, accurately discerning past, present and future events and happening for an individual and the Church at large. He is passionate, practical and always inspiring in his presentations; touching the lives of believers and amazingly impacting the unchurched.

Bishop McKenzie resides in Manchester, Jamaica and is a true servant of God. He serves always in love with humility, honesty, integrity and holiness and as a result has led thousands to Christ for salvation, restoration, deliverance, healing and spiritual growth. His ministry is thriving and has taken him throughout Jamaica, many Caribbean territories, Europe, United State of America, UK, Canada, North and South America.


Soldier  – Bless Biography  

Artiste name:  Soldier - Bless

Birth Name: Bert Hanley 

Birth Place and Date:  Jessups Village, Nevis, W.I,  August 19th, 1977. 

Bert Hanley formely known as Blessings but now“Soldier – Bless,”was born on the ninetenth of August, 1977,in jessups village, Nevis. He grew up  in a Christian home and gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of ten and loved music since he was a little boy. He shorly migrated to the sister island St. Kitts to continue his life. In St.Kitts he gradually strayed away from God through the influence of friends, company, and the haunting memories of his youthful years in Nevis, being rejected and scorned by society. During his early years in St.Kittshe obtained a love for reggae/dancehall music with his mentors being Buju Banton,Chaka Demus and Pliers, and Shabba Ranks. 

Soldier - Bless always had a love for God and a determination to serve Him no matter what obstacles came his way. His lifestye drastically changed in St.Kitts when he saw the crime rate was very high and many young people, particulaly men were loosing their lives rapidly. He was deeply saddened within his heart and questioned within himselfwhere each of them would spend eternity when they died .  Soldier - Bless then began to seperate himself from all his distractions and encouraged himself in the Lord to live completely for Him because he believed that every youth has a purpose, and he was willing to find his purpose and help other youths find their’s.The passion to reachyouths intensified, and Soldier - Bless realized a radical change had to be made and with God’s guidance seeked to make that change.

In the year 1998, he became a member  of  Youth Impact Ministries, and in 2005 at the annual Jubilee Celebrations, in a reggae contest of seven participants, emerged as the winner  with the song, “Be – Free.” He recorded this debut single album at “Tehilla Studio” in Trinidad. In 2002. He hosted the first ever “REGGAE SPLASH DOWN” at The Living Word Christian Center, Freeman’s Village, Basseterre, St.Kitts. He has since been the visionary and President of this event which takes place every summer with the exceptions of 2004 and 2007. He also features on the debut  compilation album, “FREEDOM”  byR.S.K.B. (Radical Saints doing the King’s Business), which was launched in 2008 at the fifth Annual Reggae Splash Down. He is the President of this group of young radical Christian men with a vision to restore lives and win souls through our genre of music. Soldier – Bless also launches his pre album “NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER,” at Zethur “Zeeman” Henry Birthday Bash, November 21st, 2014. Zeeman is  the visionary for“Gospel Artiste Production,” and it”s debut album, “SALVATION” was launched in 2010 at the eight Annual Reggae Splash Down. R.S.K.B. and Gospel Artiste Production has been working closely to see change in the youths of our Generation. Soldier – Bless is also known as”Blessings,” which was a name that was given to him by he saying...”Blessings!!” as a way of greeting people, which actually stuck on him. “Soldier – Bless” is a name that dropped in his spirit after reflecting on his life and praying and realizing that what he had been through he must had been a  true soldier indeed, and at the same time he’s blessed. He placed both words together, and  he became, ‘SOLDIER – BLESS.” As Soldier – Bless he sees himself as a lion who is bold, strong and determined and therefore roars to remind himself of who he is. His favourite quote is “Heart of the Lion – Tough like Irion,” and on stage he encourages his fellow Christians by saying, “Leh me hear de Lion roar!!” He will launch his official album, “HEART OF THE LION,”  in mid 2015.

With the heart of the Lion, Soldier – Bless endeavours to be steadfast and unmovable in his mission to restore broken lives and to win souls through the gift and talent God has given him to do so; through Gospel Reggae Dancehall.

Randy Emanuel Thomas, a.k.a "Divine Providence" (DPM), an Artist by profession and a Gospel Artiste by Ministry came to know the Lord at the age of sixteen (16) during his last year in High School. This luring incident occurred after being hospitalized for heart palpitations due to smoking. From since that time, his desire for seeking God grew stronger and stronger. Consequently, he started receiving strong unctions and inspirations to write songs with relevant messages as he realized the power and influence that music has in our society. Additionally, he realized how the devil is using music as one of his weapon to captivate the minds and hearts of people. One of his foundation scripture is Gen 50:20 which says "But as for you (devil) ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive". And thus Divine Providence, The Musical Evangelist, The Gospel Specialist , The Gospel  Attorney and The Living Word Lyrical Singing Edition is born bringing what he now calls The Musical Manna from heaven. DPM share the stage with Local, Regional and International Artistes such as : Tehillah Gospel Band, Exlcusive Praise, Radical Praise, Divine Wonders, God Choice, Soldier Bless, Phenomenal Praise, Kulcha D, Naycha K.I.D, D.A Jay, Ryan Mark, Ordinary, Goddy Goddy, St. Matthew, Positive, Joshua DRJ, Di Anointed Vale and recently Richie Righteous.

Renwick Duesbury a reggae fusion artist known as E-Praise a name that defines his effective and energetic style of delivery on stage ,was born in England and grew up in South America ,Guyana and now resides in the United States of America ,Brooklyn New York. Living in new York life took a turn when after going through a season of hardship E-Praise became homeless after deciding to peruse his passion music ,but it was an opportunity to experience God in a whole new way that would change his perspective about life and God forever .

He started singing Gospel music around the age five and got stock with faith base music unto this day, he discovered his identity reggae fusion in Gospel music being drawn to both Urban and Caribbean genres at the age of 20 as a Singer ,Rapper ,Producer ,song writer and composer after transcending through different genres of Gospel in search of his musical identity. Gospel singers and rapper that have influence his style of music are Sherwin Gardner, Eddie Nebblett, Lecare, Andy Mineo , Tye Tribett ,Toby Mac , capital kings to name a few. His style is pre dominantly geared towards the youth having a passion to see young people living on purpose.

E-Praise has shared stages with Papa San ,DJ Nicholas, Yaves, Prodigal son ,Eddie Neblett and Jason Mighty ,in recent time he been sharing stages and collaborating with various Christian hip Hop rappers like cellblok,R.QTEK .He has been apart of the Caribbean Gospel tour Sons Of Thunder where he travelled to several Caribbean islands and countries performing and sharing his faith.

To date E-Praise has released an EP titled Livingonpurpose#initated which is available for free download on , he has been nominated by the Love Gospel station for an award. You can follow his progress and support his music on Facebook/Ren E-Praise , Instagram/E-Praise ,Twitter/EPraise101 ,Email : ,view updates and listen to his music on


“Music is the poetry of the air.”

“After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music,” and Danever expresses his music well.

Danever Scott has been singing since the tender age of seven. Discovering this passion opened a brand new world for the Kingston, Jamaica born musician extraordinaire.

Now a recording artiste; Danever recently released his new album entitled, “New Level,” which features collaborations with Rondell Positive, Ancient Priest and more. His works have received favorable reviews both locally and internationally, also by Motown Records in the USA.

Danever is a versatile and exemplary singer, but prides himself as a worshipper. He has made appearances on stage with artistes such as Ron Kennoly, the late Rev. Dr. Myles Munroe and other popular Jamaican gospel artiste such as Kevin Downswell, Jermaine Edwards, DJ Nicholas and more.  He owes some of his appearances to major Television programs and shows such as Smile Jamaica – TVJ, Fun in the Sun and Celebrate Jesus etc.

Mr. Scott is a Minister of Religion, Seminar Presenter and Workshop Facilitator just to name a few. He is committed to spreading the love of God to all.

Minister Scott is a Music Producer.  He owns his production house and record label in Mandeville known as SMG Productions.  He has done many work for persons locally and internationally.  He is a vocal coach and is skilled also in graphic designing, videography, animation, video editing, playing the keyboard, lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drums.

Danever and wife Terryann Scott are the proud parents of two children. The family is ministry oriented and endeavors to take the ministry of sharing Jesus Christ to as many persons they can, across the globe.

Tin I Cool

Martin Isaacs’s a.k.a Tin I Cool is young gospel artist on the rise and creating an impact in the gospel industry in recent times. One would say how he got the name Tin I Cool as a gospel artist and what does this means. Tin I Cool first name is Martin and surname Isaacs, where they take Tin from the first name and I from his surname and natural a Cool man of God. Tin I Cool has been a Christian for 14 years and a member of the Chambers of God International ministering the word in music for 12 years now. Tin I Cool has been on albums such as Mainframe Riddim compilation and Spirit Scription done by Dale “Dizzle” Virgo. Other featured albums are Gospel Share and Sing fi Jesus compilation done by A.P.S production. Tin I Cool has enjoyed heavy rotation on major radio station that endorses gospel music with the songs Ghetto Christian and Never Lose faith. Tin I Cool has another hit called God Bless and Jesus Christ Me Say which Tin I Cool has done a Video to expose is mastery deliver of the word of God. Tin I Cool has ministered on many major gospel shows such has Genesis, Christ Birth, Operation consecration, Fun In the Sun (Crossover Show).etc just to name a few. Presently Tin I Cool is promoting is two brand new singles “Bless the Lord” and “Jehovah Jireh” produced by his own label Chillin Records. Watch out for Tin I Cool for 2016-2017 has he storm onto the music seen.



Tel:     1876 878 9882

Musical Biography of Angie Cleveland
Beginning at the age of three years old, this South Carolina native acquired piano teaching from her late grandmother. Every member of her family is musically inclined. Angie realized the Levitical gift on her life in high school when her music teacher discovered Angie had “perfect pitch.” God established her music ministry as she served as Minister of Music and Pastor of Worship for over 12 years, beginning at age 12. 

 As a Levite, she recorded her debut album in 2003 and has ministered in places such as the Bahamas, Switzerland, and Japan. She recorded three albums, “Singing Outside the Box,” “The Ministry of a Broken Key,” “Prophetic Worshipper” and her upcoming fourth project, “Your Kingdom Come.” She served as the Music Director of the Gordon Collums Gospel Choir for eight years at her alma mater, the University of South Carolina Upstate. Angie was licensed to minister the gospel and began her journey to the prophetic in 2002. She has also ministered through song with William Murphy III as a Background Vocalists on his new Live Recording project, “Godchaser” and shared the stage with Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond/United Tenors, Marvin Sapp, Lecrae, Isaac Carree, Le’Andria Johnson, Mary Mary, Tye Tribbett, Rance Allen, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs, Daryl McFadden, and many others at amazing events such as Joyfest at Carowinds and Spiritfest and private worship devotion device at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assocation. In 2013, as a Artist Advocate for GTM Ministries, Angie and her Team (Levites) also participated in a music mission trips to Italy and instructed a 10-day workshop and concert with the Free Voices Gospel Choir in Torino, Italy.

 She and her husband, William Cleveland, are the co-founders of Faith 2 Faith Glory 2 Glory Ministries where the passion is “Refreshing Love, Refreshing Life.”  She has a zeal for empowering and pushing people into their destinies.  She recently birthed Habakkuk 2 Institute (H2I), a purpose building, non-accredited school that is designed to help people discover their gifts and their purpose in the Body of Christ.  H2I has now grown to four different courses (Purpose Course, The School of Prayer and Intercession, The Levite Institute and The Kingdom Entrepreneur) and has helped change and shape the lives of 99 alumni in its first year. 
 She has released two books entitled, “Now I Know Why I Suffered” released in 2010 and her current book, “Love: The Greatest Force Ever.” Angie believes strongly in walking not only in the anointing and power of God, but living in the character and integrity God requires of His chosen. She strives to live a lifestyle of brokenness which she promotes everywhere she is assigned to minister, whether it is through teaching the Word of God or through ministering Levitically through song.


New EDM, POP, World artist R.F.W. is bringing a new flavor to the music industry; creating feverish dance music with powerful encouraging lyrics. R.F.W. released his first single, God’s Glory, in February 2016 and his second release, Holy, in April 2016; and they were met with rave reviews from fans. Reuben Eudovique, chose the name R.F.W. an acronym for Reuben Famed Warrior and Redeemed Faithful Worshipper which is the meaning of his name and describes his heart and mission for this new project. Being well acquainted with the music industry and church, R.F.W. knows the power of combining good music with encouraging lyrics.

The sixth child out of ten children, raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands then Miami, Fla, R.F.W. grew up surrounded by music. He was heavily influenced by his singer mother and playing music for his preacher father. As a result R.F.W. has embedded into him the acute understanding of the relationship between music and the spiritual. He started playing at his father’s church at the age of 9 years old; first drums, then rhythm guitar/bass guitar. He continued to play in the church for 15 years as the musical director, after which he decided to leave the church to find his own success. In his early twenties, R.F.W. formed his own Reggae band called Crucial Substance. They performed all around South Florida, and finally got their big break, embarking on a nation wide tour, with the famous Mighty Diamonds out of Jamaica, W.I.

In 1994, R.F.W. experienced a radical transformation and gave his heart to the Lord. He then took his musical talent and devoted it to Christ. He began touring and recording with Reggae Gospel artist Deryck Douglas. He went on to co-produce Deryck Douglas’ big hit When the Devil Says No, Jesus says Yes. His keen ear for music allowed him to become the minister of music at Ware Drive COG 7th Day, overseeing, teaching, and developing the musicians, choir and praise & worship team. Since then he has trained several other church’s musical departments to make good music and usher in a worship experience.

R.F.W. started a ministry called Beyond the Veil Ministry (BVM) to help refresh and motivate ministers and teach principles of Praise and of Worship. He executed two successful conferences for the ministry; one in Miami, FL and the other in Atlanta, GA. In 2013 he started to grow in the area of songwriting, hearing lyrics but still not sure what to do with his new gift. Finally he resolved to be a solo recording artist in 2016; the best way to culminate years of experience in the music industry. R.F.W. is expected to release three new singles in the next couple of months; and they promise to be evolutionary!

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BJ McKenzie Biograph  

Since the age of three, Bernard McKenzie Jr. has lived, breathed, and dreamt music. He began his  musical career at the young age of three, singing simple melodies and humming commercial tunes. From that age, he began to sing in his father’s church choir. This allowed BJ the opportunity to break away from his shy and timid ways and crafted him in to the vocal sensation he is today. He continues to sing in his church choir every Sunday and is currently the presiding president. BJ has also had multiple roles in various musical productions under the  mentorship  of Runako Jahi at the ETA Theater, starred in the stage play “The Great  Nitty Gritty” under the leadership of the late world renowned Oscar Brown Jr and had a starring role in Darryl  Pandy’s (House Music Legend) stage play entitled “I'm Going In”.Over the years he was enhanced vocally byjoining a few community choirs such as Joshua ‘s Troop, Dr. Alfred Wheeler & Bless Music Ministry,Paul Turner & CMI, and also recorded with Gorham United Methodist Church, where he sang lead ontheir album entitled "Praise Ringing". He also sangfor many community events that included nursing homes during the Christmas season for the late Albertina Walker. He even sung background for Hip-Hop legend MC Lite and his mentor Darrell Daniels.This was only the beginning for BJ and his musical career. At the age of 18, God implanted in him a vision that came in the form of his own music ministry, Bernard Jr. and Anchored. This ministry opened doors for  BJ; while under his leadership and servitude, he and the ministry opened up for DeWayne Woods (“Let Go, Let God,” “Friend ofMine”) at Iowa Gospel Fest; sang background for Barbra Streisand on her tour stop in Chicago, Illinois; the ministry also recorded their very first single entitled “Rescue Me” which released in April 2013 and landed #1 on the Norway Gospel Music Charts upon being released and can still be purchased on all digital music stores. Later that year, Bernard Jr. and Anchored were chosen to be one of the Chicago Regional Finalists for Verizon Wireless’How Sweet the Sound and went on to minister their rendition of “Rideon King Jesus.” The ministry also became nominees for various award shosted by various independent gospel labels and organizations. InOctober 2013, BJ and the ministry won the ZETA Gospel Music Award for Choir of the Year.In November 2013, BJ and his administrative team shortly discovered that the ministry was nominated in five (5) categories forthe  2014 Rhythm of Gospel Awards. Seeking the thirst to gain morek nowledge about his industry and craft, BJ went further and began to attend different seminars and conferences hosted by various celebrities and individuals. In December 2013, BJ journeyed to Los Angeles,California to sing and be critiqued by a celebrity panel that included Dr .Dorinda Clark-Cole & Jacky Clark (sisters and members of the pioneering gospel group The Clark Sisters), TinaCampbell (of the group Mary Mary), Teddy Campbell (Tina Campbell’s husband and famous drummer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), and Tonex (national gospel recording artist).Taking all of their critiques and criticisms to make the best of him, that exact same day, BJ was notified that he and his ministry were going to be on Dr. Bobby Jones television show on The Impact Network called “Dr.Bobby Jones Presents.” This event granted simply by God’s unmerited favor and grace opened many doors of opportunity for  BJ and has granted him the opportunity to build fan bases outside of Chicago with connections invarious states.In the second quarter of 2014, BJ and his ministry went on to minister along with several other dynamic groups in a Rhythm of Gospel Awards showcase (The Road to the Rhythm of Gospel), held in Detroit, Michigan where he was able to meet and greet upper level coordinators and even the CEO of the awards organization; hewas also granted the opportunity to meet Evangelist Lillian Lloyd (Lead Singer of Ricky Dillard & New Generation).In April 2014, God simply whispered a small phrase in BJ’s ear that said “It is your time,” and with this revelation, BJ proceeded to begin working on his solo project that was recorded live entitled “#Born2Win” on Saturday, September 27, 2014. While in the production stage of his album, BJ decided to begin taking classes toexpand his theological wisdom and in May of 2015, just almost a year later, Bernard “BJ” McKenzie completedclasses at the Christian Leadership Institute and received his License to Preach. Shortly after, in June of 2015, BJhad the privilege to sing background for the legendary Karen Clark Sheard for the American Heart AssociationHealth Fair. BJ celebrated another milestone on Sunday, September 6, 2015 by being elevated as an Ordained Minister by the Christian Leaders Institute.Following his ordination service conducted by his father, Bishop Dr. Bernard McKenzie Sr., BJ began togrow even deeper into his calling. Preceding his ordination, he went into the studio and laid vocals for his single,“Born 2 Win” and on February 4, it was completed. Born 2 Win was written by Bernard BJ McKenzie and is a songto bless the nations and to inform anyone that no matter what war they are facing, they are “Born 2 Win.”Rev. BJ McKenzie strives to encourage, and uplifts God people in any way possible. Whether it's singing,preaching, or prophesying, his anointing speaks volumes. Introducing to some and presenting to others: Rev.Bernard   “B.J.” McKenzie-Anointed and Appointed for Such a Time as s This!.     CLICK FOR MORE

Wilburne is a born and raised Saint Lucian, from the city of Castries. 
This young man, who was born on November 7 1988, is an emerging gospel artiste in his country. He has a robust passion for gospel music because he feels a sense of completion when he uses his talent to serve Almighty God.
Most of Wilburne's songs are in the R&B and Reggae genres.  In late 2009, Wilburne started his journey as a solo artiste when he recorded his very first single, "Wannah Know" at the GSH Studio under the direction of producer, Hugh "Ziggy" James. 

Since then, he has continued keeping the dream alive by recording more songs at various studios island-wide. Wilburne's main goal as a gospel artiste is to give praises to the Most High, and to make it an enjoyable experience for his listeners whilst communicating the messages through his music. Growing in popularity day by day, this youngster continues to use his talent, perseverance and faith in God to capture the hearts of many.
Valentina was a baby when she victoriously escaped communism in Romania in the 1980's with her parents on a small boat on the River Danube. The soldiers were armed and they had dogs with them. They used German Shepherds with very strong bodies that were trained to kill. Only God's supernatural intervention made it possible for Valentina's miraculous escape from communism in Romania, during the Ceaușescu regime, which is a long story.
"It was a smooth boat ride. We made it in about 15 minutes" she said.

Although Valentina was born in Timișoara, one of the largest cities in Romania, and speaks fluently Romanian, she also has both a Russian and Serbian background. Her favorite subjects in High School were commerce, languages, and of course, music where she won academic excellence awards for all three subjects including the Italian language.

Valentina was a top student at Ambassador Bible College. Her College studies are wide and varied, and include Music Business, Marketing, Computing and Make-up artistry.

A former Latin and Ballroom Dancer, she won highly commended for her dance routines.
Today, her passion is to produce powerful gospel/dance music. She loves to design and maintain her very own ministry websites, and fulfill her calling, which is to preach the gospel throughout the world, inspiring and encouraging many to believe in God, and giving them hope.

Valentina came from a deeply religious background. As a child, she grew up listening to gospel music, and recorded vocals to carols on tape, at the age of five. Her favorite carol was "Silent Night." As a teenager, she sang in the church choir and to both the pastor's and church member's amazement, she quickly learned to play a vast range of songs on the flute in a short period of time, including her favorite hymn "Onward Christian Soldiers," which she played at various Baptist churches.

Nowadays, her favorite instrument is the keyboard, and with God's help, Valentina produces her own fresh, unique, original gospel music. She does the programming, composition, arrangement, lyrics and vocals for professional, high quality and inspirational Gospel/Christian/Dance/Electronic music.

Valentina has arranged and composed over 102 gospel music tunes and written over 110 gospel music lyrics. Her gospel lyrics include many biblical themes ranging from Jesus Christ our Lord who is the light of the world, Christ's crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and return as King of kings and Lord of lords to set up His Kingdom here on earth -  which is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, worshipping and praising the Lord and His supreme power, thanksgiving, God's precious love for His children and our love for Him, and obedience to God. While other songs include lyrics about God's supernatural protection, healing, miracles, divinity, eternal life, faith and wisdom.

Valentina is passionate about writing gospel songs with lyrics that are both inspirational and motivational. The inspiration behind the happy, uplifting and upbeat song 'Light of the world' came after she saw a bright light in the sky at nighttime, which shone as a glowing metal, and it shone so brightly that it lit up the whole room.
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